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What we do: OTHERWORLD is the UK's most popular virtual reality experience. Through our growing network of city centre locations, we've welcomed over 130,000 dimension-hoppers to the best that virtual reality has to offer, including Adele, Skepta, KSI, Fnatic and Jonathan Ross.

Looking for: Summer Business Development Analyst

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What we do: PronounceMe builds bridges to good spoken business English for global professionals using English as a second language. Developed at Oxford University Innovation.

Looking for: Marketing/business development intern to help build relationships with SBS alumni and grow our marketing.

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Product Development Internship

What we do: Do you think current education about addictive drugs is good? We don’t either. Our ideal world is one where people make informed, conscious choices about addictive drugs. We believe the best way to make our world more ideal is education and raising awareness. That’s why we’re building an online learning platform about addictive substances.

Looking for: To realise our vision, we are looking for a team of interns to join our project for the winter vacation and beyond. We can offer you hands-on product development experience and early responsibility. It’s an exciting opportunity to experience early-stage company building! The internship will be unpaid and entirely voluntary, but it can lead to a senior role within the company. You will be responsible for researching and compiling information about addictive drugs. Your team will work on producing and compiling learning content for courses about addictive substances, as well as support modules.

You are:

  • A student, who wants to learn by doing not only by reading

  • A passion-freak, you strongly believe in the world-changing potential of entrepreneurs

  • A workaholic, you won’t stop until you think your work is absolutely perfect

  • A dissident, you are not afraid to challenge authority and voice your own opinions

  • A communicator, you know how to express complex ideas clearly, you can emphasize with a user and create the best experience for them

  • A builder, you have experience in building products/organisations/projects from scratch

  • Curious, you are committed to learn on the project

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Oxford-Based Fintech Start-Up

What we do: Oxford-based Fintech start-up founded by Oxford Alumni.

Looking for: Summer Intern

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Oxford-based Neurotechnology Startup 

What we do: Early-stage neurotechnology start-up supported by the Oxford Trust

Looking for: Full-time team member with an interest in biotech / neurotech

Get in touch here:, 07798 900430


What we do: VitaeGum is an impact-driven start-up on a mission to prevent malnutrition and dental health
problems through a vitamin-infused chewing gum with dental health benefits - making
preventative work more efficient. We have previously received a number of awards for the idea
and early-stage work, and we have very recently received an investment from Oxford Seed Fund.
Our website is not fully keeping up with our work at the moment, but you can get some of our
background information at or by checking our LinkedIn or Instagram.

Looking for: A full-time team member It would be ideal to connect with someone who could help with financial modelling, navigating supply chains, contribute to marketing or work in further investments, but we would love to hear from anyone with an interest in our venture and who likes being useful and problem solving.

Get in touch here: If you want
to join us, please include in your email your LinkedIn/CV and a brief description of what made
you interested in contributing and in which capacity (and time period) you are available.

Harvard Medical School Stealth Spinout

What we do: ​The company is developing a novel gene therapy delivery modality for an array of rare and common diseases. Work to date has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a number of U.S. venture capital funds, including the Harvard Innovation Lab’s Allston Venture Fund, backed exclusively by six funds: Bain Capital, General Catalyst, Polaris Partners, Highland Capital, Underscore VC and GETTYLAB

Looking for: interns in (1) Research, (2) Business Development, (3) Computational Biology. 

The post will require approximately 5-10 hours of work per week for a duration of 3 months, with an option for extension for exceptional performers. The position poses a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in biotech company building and drug discovery. The intern will be paid a competitive salary at an industry-standard rate.


  • Must be a graduate student (PhD, MD, MS), clinical resident, or an outstanding senior undergraduate student concentrating in the biomedical sciences, computer science, statistics or mathematics at a top institution; Prior work and research experience preferred.

  • Strong scientific acumen and curiosity, ability to navigate biomedical fields including gene therapy and molecular and cell biology. A basic understanding of the drug discovery process is helpful, but not required.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills, proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel

  • Resourceful, proactive, independent and able to function at a high level with intermittent supervision; Possessing meticulous attention to detail and organization

  • For Computational Biology Interns, experience with algorithm development and statistical analysis, as well as proficiency in computer programming and familiarity with scientific computing languages, such as Python, MATLAB or R is necessary.

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