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All past students of Oxford University are welcome to become OE alumni. Current Oxford University students and members of staff can join as a current member. If you are not affiliated with Oxford University, then you can apply to join as an external member. Joining the Oxford Entrepreneurs as an Alumni member gives you the chance to attend all of our events which run throughout term as well as specific alumni-only engagements. These range from speaker series and dinners to our Ideas2Market program and Idea Idol competition. You will also be given access to exclusive discounts available only to Oxford Entrepreneurs? Members by means of our brand new membership cards. Additionally if you?re looking to give back to the society, this is the first step on that path. Please do have a look around the alumni section of the website if you?d like a better idea of what?s on offer. Alumni membership is free and the community is growing every day – you’ve got nothing to lose!

Register for Alumni Membership now!

We are especially interested in hearing from you if you:

  • Feel able to support Oxford Entrepreneurs with resources to aid our ongoing activities. Without the generosity of our sponsors and partners, we would be unable to provide such a diverse and busy program of events.
  • Would like put yourself forward to judge one of our business competitions such as Idea Idol. We often have difficult choices to make between many excellent finalists, and the experience of our alumni will help us to make the right decisions between contestants.
  • Inspire members of the society as a guest speaker. We have had a host of distinguished guests in our short history and would love to hear from you if you think you would like to join their ranks. Additionally if you have an area of particular expertise which you think may interest our members (venture capital, marketing etc) then please do get in touch – we?re keen to expand the number of masterclasses which we can offer the society.
  • Offer an enternship (entrepreneurial enternship) to one of our student members. Future success often depends on past experience – if you feel able to take on a budding entrepreneur for a short while and show them your way of doing things, the result would almost certainly be mutually beneficial.
  • Provide mentoring to some of our entrepreneurs and start-up companies through our Ideas 2 Market program. Many of our members have fantastic ideas but lack the means to make them a reality – if you would like to help turn some of these concepts into companies please do get in touch to offer your services.

Why should I join?

Benefits for you:

  • Attend our events and mix with current members.
  • Our dedicated alumni mailing list will keep you up to date with the enterprise scene at Oxford.
  • OE attracts the brightest and most ambitious students at the University, so potentially it’s a rich source of ideas and recruits for your business.
  • Attend dedicated alumni networking events in London – a great way to expand your network and make new business contacts
  • Reacquaint yourself with old friends and make new ones.
  • It’s free!

Benefits for our existing members:

  • They can benefit from the wisdom and advice of alumni.
  • They can bounce ideas off those with experience.
  • They can make new contacts.

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